Advantages of Riding a Limousine rentals in Toronto over a Cab

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With rental limousines becoming cheaper than ever, people increasingly prefer it as the ideal mode of transport over cabs. This gradual shift was noticed a few years back and is still showing no signs of slowing down. If you have been wondering, there are many advantages of choosing limousine rentals over cabs in Toronto. Some of the benefits have been discussed below:

Builds a Better Impression   

Imagine that you have to travel to the airport to catch a flight along with your colleagues. Between arriving in a beaten down rental cab and making an entry in a limousine sedan, which one do you think will be better for your image? If you are a businessman or someone who enjoys a position of power in the corporate world, you must already be aware that in these professional fields, appearances are important. Therefore, a limousine ride is your best option.

Additionally, if you have been given the responsibility of arranging transport for a client who is visiting the city, imagine his pleasant surprise when he/she finds out that a limousine has been arranged when they were expecting a rental taxi. Here too, a limousine beats a rental cab.

limousine rentals

Reliable and On-Time Service

The problem with cab services is that they can be unreliable when you need to be punctual. To do away with any anticipation and unnecessary worrying over missing your train or flight, arriving late for an important meeting or family event, just hire a reliable limousine service. As they charge a little extra than you would pay for a cab, the service they provide is punctual and can be trusted blindly.

All you have to do is make sure that the time and the place of the pickup and drop is properly put down. Keep your luggage packed and ready as the limousine is likely to be at your door a few minutes earlier than scheduled. Unwavering punctuality is the mark of a good service.

Better Travel Experience

If the travel experience is important for you, there is no better option than a rented limousine. When you compare the interiors, seats, and other facilities, a limousine is expectedly a vast improvement over a rented cab. The seats of a limousine are impeccably clean and plush and there is no better and more luxurious way to travel. Tinted windows provide privacy and limit the light that enters the limousine. You can sit back and relax while listening to soothing music on the stereo or try out the stocked bar.

Riding a limousine instead of a cab service has many other benefits. For instance, it is clearly the safer option amongst the two. If you are someone who likes to stay on the top of things, you might want to background check the driver who will be driving you, your family, or a business associate. While this is impossible to do with a taxi service, limousine rental services are not willing to provide all the information you need but they also take the full responsibility of the driver assigned to you.

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Airport Limo is Much More Convenient Option to Travel

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Traveling in a plane might prove to be enough hassle if you have to worry about parking the car at the airport. You have to wait in the queue to check in, go through high amount of security and spend endless hours trying to locate the departure gate. Thus, you certainly do not require extra stress of finding a parking space for your car. It is not difficult to find a reliable, affordable, and fast transport service. You can hire an airport limo for traveling to the airport. If you are unable to fathom the benefits that it has to offer, you can take a look at the reasons you should hire a limousine.


Convenience is one of the most important factors that people are concerned with. This is something that they would like to obtain from an airport limousine service.  This services will only improve you travel experience and provide a hassle-free ride. You can also pre-book the pick-up and drop-off at the airport. The limousine service will make sure that you reach the airport on time and that too, comfortably for an effective price. If you use this service, you will be dropped at the right terminal. Thus, you will not have to worry about transporting the luggage from the taxi or from the parking spot.airport limo

Cost Effective

Unlike popular belief, if you choose to avail the service of airport limo for traveling to and fro from the airport, it will not cost you a lump sum. As a matter of fact, choosing this service might enable you to save some extra bit of money. The cost of the gas along with the expense of parking the car at the airport might exceed the price that you have to pay for the limousine service. You can travel in comfort at a cost-effective price.


The limousines are high-class cars that are usually kept clean to make sure that you have a pleasant ride. The drivers are experienced and courteous to make sure that you have the best ride to the airport. The limousine service makes sure that you have the adequate size vehicle for traveling to the airport. This is because they take the luggage into account while choosing the vehicles. Hence, you will not have to worry about space.


Most of the people neglect safety factor when they book a ride to the airport. If you park your car for an extended period of time, it will prove to be costly. This can also be troublesome. Even though the airport parking lot has security, there is always a risk. Moreover, if you choose parking lot that is not in the airport premise then the car might not be protected. By hiring a limousine service, you will not have to worry about such things. In fact, you will be able to have the safest ride with an experienced driver. You can feel confident regarding the security.

However, before you hire the limousine service, you need to make sure that it has a proper license and enough experience in this field.

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Why A Good Limo Service Is Essential For All Marriages in Toronto

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The wedding day is one of the most beautiful days in a person’s life. After all, it is the day when two people unite in holy matrimony. Together, the couple starts a new life in love and care. On a special occasion such as this, the couple deserves to have the best of everything. As such, getting a limo service can be an excellent idea.

Of course, there are various options available to the newly wedded couple when it comes to their transportation. Be that as it may, there is nothing quite like a limo. In fact, there are several reasons why you should get a limo for the marriage.


The Luxuriousness

One of the best reasons to consider the limo is the luxuriousness of the vehicle. The vehicle is going to have a wide range of amenities such as a climate control system and entertainment systems. As a result, starting off their journey as a married couple inside a limo can make it more exciting for the bride and the groom. Moreover, they will be able to relax properly after the frenzy of the wedding.


toronto limos


The Celebration

Of course, there has to be a celebration after the wedding. This celebration can be easily conducted inside the limo. After all, the limo can have a bar stocked with champagne, ice and other favorite drinks of the bride and the groom. As such, they can start celebrating the occasion right after the wedding as they head towards their destination together.


The Togetherness

The bride and the groom may have the limo all to themselves. On the other hand, they can also invite the best men and the bridesmaids to travel together. This can make the occasion all the more enjoyable and memorable. They can celebrate together as they congratulate the newlyweds on this momentous event. A limo can easily accommodate a number of people. If more people are to travel then a bigger limo can be hired easily.


The Chauffeur

There is always the worry about the time during the wedding. Everybody wants to arrive at the wedding on time especially the bride and the groom. If the newlyweds are planning to take a trip together right after the wedding, there will be the concern about the times as well. By renting a limo, you can reduce the worries. After all, there will be a chauffeur who will ensure that you arrive and depart at the correct time. There will not be any worries about the driver as well for the same reason.


Tips on Hiring Limos

There are a few things which should be considered before you finalize a limo for the wedding. Here are some of them.

  • Check the market for the best possible deal on the limo.
  • Ensure that the company has enough vehicles in its fleet so that you can get a replacement in case the one you hired breaks down.
  • Read the fine print carefully to ensure that there are no hidden costs.

As you can see, limos can help a great deal during the wedding. In fact, it can actually be rather essential. Therefore, you should ensure that the right limo has been hired.

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How to bullet proof your car?

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The crime rate has been increasing day by day in every country. With the rise in global population, more and more threats and violence are bound to increase. Especially in countries like Brazil and Sudan, the need for armor car has increased to protect the high profile figures. One thing that questions every person’s mind is what exactly a person has to do in order to make a bulletproof car.

Starting with the doors, body and interior

In order to make a car bullet proof, all the interior components are removed such as seats, carpets and interior wirings. The doors can be cut open so other protected material can be welded in the gaps. The doors and pillars can be strengthened with Kevlar and nylon alloys. Ceilings and floors are usually lined with airborne fabrics. The bumpers are also designed in a way to lower the impact in major crashes and also undetected roadblocks. The main purpose is to ensure that the car does not look modified and keeps it intact look.armored car

Bulletproofing the glass

Your car window/glass is one of the most vulnerable ways for convicts to penetrate your car. In terms of armoring, bulletproofing is also known as transparent armor. The glass is made from polycarbonate and leaded glass ranging from the thickness of 0.8 inches ot 2.0 inches. The thin glasses can stop 9mm round handguns and the thick ones could block a bullet fired from .30 rifle.

Upgrading the suspension and Engine

Doing a light armoring work on any sedan increases its weight easily by 500 pounds. With such a demand from a car to carry the extra weight, it is required o modify the framework of the car initially so that you can drive on any terrain. SUVs and large trucks don’t require modification after armoring because the engines can bear large weights up to 2000 pounds.

For more info on how to get your armored cars protected, you can contact the armored car company or visit the website for more info. Check out some of the unique armored cars around the world.

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